Come into our store to see what we have in stock, or CONTACT US to inquire about specific items.

LGS Electronics is fully stocked with cell phones of every carrier! We also have St. Cloud’s largest selection of video games and consoles, as well as a great selection of vinyl records, DVDs/BluRay, stereos, TVs, computers, toys, collectibles, comic books, trading cards, including Magic the Gathering, and more!



LGS Electronics is the place to sell your used video games, gaming systems, cell phones, computers, dvd’s, cd’s and other electronics, as well comic books, collectibles, vinyl records, Magic cards and more!


Well, that’s simple! You click on the CONTACT US page and send us a message about the item(s) you would like to sell. The best way however is to just stop in and talk to one of the guys and they will help you out. WE ALWAYS PAY CASH, but if there's something in the store you had your eye on we also do in-store credit!

Here are the items we typically buy:

  • Playstation Systems and Games
  • Nintendo (NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii) Console, Games and Accessories
  • Xbox 1 and 360 consoles and games
  • Sega Video Game Systems and Games (Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast)
  • Handheld Gaming Systems (Gameboy, DS, PSP, Vita, iPod Touch)
  • iPods, iPhones, iPads (all generations for all)
  • Blu-Ray discs and players
  • Smart phones (Android, Windows, Blackberry)
  • CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays
  • Stereos
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Other electronics
  • Collectibles
  • Comic Books
  • Vinyl Records
  • Toys
  • Magic the Gathering and other trading cards
  • and MORE!