If you are having an issue with your computer, we offer many services to help you, whether you are having an issue with your desktop or laptop. We can help you! We have the equipment and experience to fix Widows, Mac, and Linux. From virus removal to cracked screens on laptops, and upgrading your current computer to building you a new one, please check out the list of some of the services we offer. If you have any questions feel free to CONTACT US.

Computer Repair Services we offer



Pc clean up
Virus/spyware removal
System updates
Fixing conflicting programs
other software issues


Screen replacement
RAM replacement-upgrades
Hard drive replacement-upgrades
Video card replacement-upgrades
Sound card replacement-upgrades
Power supply replacement
DC jack replacement on laptops
Cooling fan replacement-upgrades
Motherboard repair or replacement
Laptop battery replacement
Laptop charger replacement