Gaming Events at LGS Electronics

Here at LGS Electronics we host all sorts of gaming events. From Magic the Gathering to Yu-Gi-Oh, and Final Fantasy TCG. We also have a weekly Smash Bro's League and Dungeons and Dragon's campaigns. We have a large game room to host all sizes of events, from casual gaming to release parties of new card products. 

We host a monthly gaming tournament. These can range across many different systems and game genres like Mario Kart or Street Fighter and even some FPS's like Halo. We have open play days as well where you and your friends can come in and play games. Please look at our calendar to see exact dates and times. 

At Lgs Electronics We are constantly getting in new magic and Yu-Gi-Oh cards so our inventory is changing daily, also we do buy in cards so if your looking to sell off your card collection bring them in our prices cant be beat!