LGS Electronics can't do much about the cold and snowy weather, but we are throwing some smoking hot deals on iPhone repair your way for the rest of the winter! LGS Electronics will be picking up some of the screen repair cost on all iPhones as a way of saying thank you to our customers for a great 2018! Everyone at LGS is so grateful for the business that you've given us this past year and for the last seven years that we will be doing all iPhone repairs at, or in some cases under, cost.

  • iphone 5 - $40
  • iphone 5c/5s/SE - $50
  • iphone 6 - $50
  • iphone 6+ - $60
  • iphone 6s - $60
  • iphone 6s+ - $65
  • iphone 7 - $70
  • iphone 7+ - $80
  • iphone 8 - $80
  • iphone 8+ - $100

Thank you all for your business for the last sevenyears and we look forward to doing business with you for many years to come. Happy 2019!

- Josh, Owner of LGS Electronics

Drop your phone and crack your screen? Phone isn't charging? Won't boot? We can fix it all! Here at LGS Electronics we know that phones these days can be expensive and you have important data on your phone that you need. You have calls to make and people to text. You need to Google directions to that new restaurant and see if you can make it there before they close. People are tagging you in things on Facebook and you need to know if you look good in those pictures NOW. And how else are you supposed to try out that new Snapchat filter? We get it, and we know that a few days without your phone can feel like a few decades. That’s why LGS Electronics offers same day repair on all phones that we have parts in stock for, and for all phone software problems. LGS has the equipment, knowledge, and experience to get your phone working good as new, and we are St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids' most trusted source for cell phone repair. If you have any questions feel free to CONTACT US.

Some Of The Cell Phone Repair Services We Offer:

Some Of The Cell Phone Repair Services We Offer:


  • Screen replacement
  • LCD replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • DC jack replacement
  • Speaker assembly replacement
  • Bad power button or home button replacement
  • Camera replacement


  • Password removal
  • Stuck in boot
  • Will not load
  • Upgrade/downgrade firmware
  • Other software functionality issues