Samsung Phone Repair

That moment when you're happily living your life, Samsung phone in hand, when suddenly by some whim of the universe your beloved method of communication with the world, your lifeline, slips from your hand and time slows and your stomach drops as you watch it plummet toward the ground. You pick it up and see a shattered screen glaring back at you. Your feel a twinge of panic because you're not quite sure how to get through a day without it. Its happened to all of us at some point. But then you remember, you don't even need to worry about it! You remember that you can bring your phone to LGS and they can get it fixed for you in no time at all!

Just bring it to LGS Electronics and we'll make it like those cracks never even happened. LGS has been a trusted source for Samsung phone repair in the St. Cloud area for years. Be it a cracked screen, bad touch screen, a battery in need of replacing, water damage, whatever, LGS has the equipment, know-how and experience to fix your Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, or other Samsung phone quickly and proficiently, usually in under an hour. Just bring it in and we'll have you back to taking on the world again in no time! If you have any questions feel free to CONTACT US!



  • Screen replacement
  • LCD replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • DC jack replacement
  • Speaker assembly replacement
  • Bad power button or home button replacement
  • Camera replacement


  • Password removal
  • Stuck in boot
  • Will not load
  • Upgrade/downgrade firmware
  • Other software functionality issues