Cell Phone Services

So if you're looking at This page you have to ask your self how is your cell services? Are You watching a youtube video on your phone and it needs to stop to buffer the video and you are standing in the center a St cloud. it's not your cell coverage it's your carrier. It time to make a switch at LGS Electronics. Check out just some of the deals we offer at LGS Electronics listed below. We have page plus, this is a non-contract plan under the Verizon network, Page Plus is hands Down the cheapest way to get a truly Unlimited 4G LTE data plain, Under the Verizon network coverage! Lastly we have simple mobile under the T-mobile network. Simple Mobile offers a truly unlimited data plain for only $45 a month with auto-renewal. On top of this amazing deal that offer the best family plains for any high data users. the 1st line is only $45 and every line after that is only $25. Simple mobile is also the only T-mobile prepaid that offers unlimited high speed data with out throttling down the speeds that many other T mobile pre-paids do. So switch today at LGS Electronics.

At LGS Electronics we pride ourselves on offering the best cell services on the market. What we do differently than all the other cell shops is that we have access to activate almost every cell service on the market. What this allows us to do is show you an unbiased comparison of every company. It's a known fact that if you walk into company ABC and you as the buyer ask them what is the best service for your area they will say ABC even if its actually XYZ. At LGS Electronics we sell and activate everything from ABC to XYZ, and we are only going to show you what truly is the best option for you and your specific needs.